Welcome to UCGO Host's Public Server

The Start

UCGO Host starts, January 25, 2020

Welcome to UCGO Host! This is the beginning of a new UCGO project based on UCGOServer. We are going to provide hosting for UCGO servers in the future, but for now we have set up a public (community) UCGO Server for anyone to play on.
We have several server updates planned already but will likely not modify the client for some time. Depending on interest we will explore different ideas!

We have set up this basic website for now, but we will add features to the website and there is a pretty good chance it will be reworked completely at least once.

Getting Started

Everything you need to play

To play you will need the game client which can be found here

1) Download game client from above link
2) Extract game client 7z file (use 7zip or any other tool that can extract 7z files)
     We recommend 7zip, but if you already have something else that can extract it you won't need anything new
3) Run UCClient.exe in the extracted folder
4) Login with any username-password to create an account. If the name is already taken, you will need to use a different username.

More information about getting started with the game can be found on the wiki at https://wiki.ucgohost.com/mediawiki/index.php/Getting_Started

UCGOHost Wiki

UCGOHost Wiki starts, April 14, 2020

We now have a wiki for UCGO and UCGOHost related information! This wiki can be found at https://wiki.ucgohost.com.

Due to spam bots account creation is not open to the public. If you would like to be able to edit pages please ask on discord.


Join our discord by going to discord.ucgohost.com.
We will post updates and future plans there. We will also take suggestions for updates from anyone that is interested!


Checkout our UCGO Wiki by going to wiki.ucgohost.com.